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Plan Your Simcha at Minyan Shachar

Minyan Shachar affords all family members an unique opportunity to participate in life cycle events. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in celebrating your bar/bat mitzvah, aufruf, brit or baby naming with us.

S’machot Guidelines

Mazal Tov! We are delighted that you have decided to celebrate your simcha at Minyan Shachar. We hope it will be a wonderful and meaningful celebration for you and your family and look forward to sharing it with you. As s’machot come with varying norms and expectations we thought it would be helpful to outline the minyan guidelines. As soon as you clear the date, you will be assigned a representative of the Shachar board with whom you can work, ask questions etc. In the meantime, having these guidelines in writing may be helpful.

Physical Logistics

  • Please make sure the date is cleared with both Yonit Nordenberg and the HIR office.
  • If you are a member of the minyan, we ask that you cover half the expense of the room rental that day (currently we are paying HIR $500, so your share would be $250). If you are not a member of Minyan Shachar, you will need to cover the entire charge.
  • It is customary for the families making s’machot in the minyan to sponsor the Kiddush for everyone attending the minyan that morning. As some people walk long distances, we try to provide a fairly substantial Kiddush; our regular Shabbat Kiddush includes crudités, humus, lox, crackers as well as cake and cookies. If you hire your own caterer, please be aware that you will be responsible to arrange for delivery, set up and clean-up of the Kiddush. If you would like Shachar to arrange the Kiddush for you, the cost range is $250 to $500.


  • We would like to honor the ba’alei simcha and their guests with aliyot. Of the seven olim and maftir, we make sure that at least three are men (including a kohen and levi, if present) and at least three are women. Please be in touch with our gabbaiim about whom you would like to call up for aliyot and for hagbaha and gelila. Minyan Shachar may have to reserve some kibbudim for other chiyuvim.
  • If you there are members of your party who are skilled at reading Torah or Haftara, we will be delighted for them to take on these roles at your simcha. Our practice is to have at least two men readers and at least to woman readers. The exception to this rule is in the case of a bar or bat mitzvah. If the bar or bat mitzvah can do all the leyning and the haftara, more power to them!
  • Gabbaim will be assigned by the minyan. If you have a special request for one of the regular gabbaim to participate, feel free to make that request.
  • In the case of a bar or bat mitzva, the teacher is welcome to stand at the shulchan in addition to the gabbaim. Right after the bar or bat mitzvah’s aliya, the parents will be invited to say the blessing Baruch she’p’tarani .
  • If you would like guests or family members to serve as ba’alei tefilla, please approve this in advance with the gabbaim so the gabbaim can communicate and review the minyan shachar minhagim.
  • At Minyan Shachar, divrei torah are delivered only at the conclusion of the tefilla. Please let us know if you or any of your guests would like to speak. We ask that you limit the number of speakers to one or two, and keep the total length of the divrei torah to twenty minutes. . If you invite a community rabbi to speak and would like him or her to speak after the tefilla rather than at kiddush, please include that in your allotted calculation of time and speakers.)


  • Some families have a minhag to throw candy. That’s fine, but please use only soft candy, and no chocolate.
  • If you’d like to give a gift to the minyan, that’s great! It’s really appreciated, and please talk to the coordinator about gifts.

Once again, Mazal Tov and we look forward to sharing in your simcha!


Upcoming Tefillot

Jan. 20, 2018: Parashat Bo Feb. 24: Parashat Tetzaveh
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