Minyan Shachar
A Partnership Minyan in Riverdale, NY


Reading on PurimMinyan Shachar is a lay led minyan, committed to halacha and dedicated to establishing tefillah which is both spiritual and inclusive. Our goals are threefold: to encourage maximum participation from women, use song to enhance our tefillah, and to build a community of shared vision.

Currently our minyan meets monthly for davening on Shabbat and on the evening of Purim for the reading of Megillat Esther. We meet at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (The Bayit), in the social hall on the lower level. HIR is located at the corner of the Henry Hudson Parkway and West 237th Street in Riverdale.

We invite you to join us for tefillah and take part in the building of this special community.


Upcoming Tefillot

February 11:Parashat B’shalakh
March 11 (evening): Erev Purim
March 25: Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei
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